I am Lucy Love Coach

I have worked with many couples and singles from all over the world. I have helped high-earning bankers, celebrities, musicians, fashion designers, actors, writers, thinkers. I have seen people who never thought they’d find love again. I’ve seen serial monogamists endlessly looking for The One.

I have helped undatable, those who date too much, those who love themselves, those who hate themselves. I see it as my life’s work to help everyone find love, be happy, grow connection and intimacy and I love doing it. When I see a couple re-connect, when I see a single person beginning to love themselves again, when I see a new couple coming for a Love MOT, it just makes me feel absolutely grateful and honoured for the work I do.

Yet I started my working life as a journalist.

I wrote about life the universe and everything for all the national newspapers. I had a weekly column in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine/Stella. I stayed the night with Cher in Malibu, caught a dove of peace in the large NYC apartment of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I met everyone, from Hilary Clinton to Ranulph Fiennes, from Will.i.am to Gordon Ramsay. I loved my life. I flew round the world reporting on the end of the Bosnian war to behind the scenes at a Wasp charity ball in Chicago.

So I bring all these skills with me. I have a passion for life and for love. I truly adore what I do and I am here to guide and coach and help and give you the wisdom and joy and energy of my experiences of a trained counsellor, a lover, a wife, a mother, a traveller, a worker, a person on this amazing and varied planet.

I have trained in many areas – I have a Level 4 diploma in Advanced Integrative counselling. I’ve also done many couples trainings and I am nearly at the end of my training as an IMAGO couples counselling (I am on their UK Getting the Love You Find website).

It’s all about listening, thinking, working together in the room with what is going on outside the room but also inside the room. I work a lot with the feelings in the room. Integrated counselling means I have trained in psychoanalytic counselling as espoused by Freud, Jung et al as well as using a person-centred approach which means I deal with the day-to-day and immediate problems and challenges and look at what is happening for you now.

I’m also interested in other areas of help – I am training in colour reiki, RTT® (www.marisapeer) and even in tarot reading. I want my clients to have access to everything they need and want and so I use a holistic way of treating and helping.

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