Kind Words

Lucy does her work with a wink and a smile which will helps her stand out in a marketplace inhabited by a dizzying proliferation of self-professed ‘coaches’ touting a largely generic offering. What makes her stand out is her human touch. Obviously Lucy is professional and credible, but I also think she conveys passion and understands the je ne sais quoi fickleness of matters of the heart.
David K

Lucy taught us how to talk honesty and more importantly listen to each other. With her help we have saved our marriage of 30 years and understand that broken hearts in time can be mended. Lucy will never really know how much she has done for our family, and to anyone reading this feeling as desperate as we did marriages can be saved.
C & G

Both personable and professional, Lucy offered an empathetic space for us to comfortably disclose our relationship concerns in preparation for the next phase of our relationship—parenthood.
Elyce and Dan
Working with Lucy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My life turned around in the best most positive way, I highly recommend Lucy to anyone considering counselling.
Ameeka Mediratta