It’s a jungle out there….

Everyone is talking about love. Everyone wants to meet someone. In this tricky, dark world, love is what shines through and yet so many people are feeling alone and wanting to meet someone. We may have apps and dating sites but yet love still seems so far away, so difficult to find.

Why is it?

Lucy Cavendish, Love Coach, is here to guide you through that jungle…and find out the answers to why what you want so dearly isn’t happening.

I am here to help you get confident, get happy, love yourself and then….find the one for you. And here’s the good news…..I TRULY BELIEVE THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE FOR EVERYONE.

All you need to do is let me help you find them.

How do I do this?

Through an active therapeutic and coaching relationship with me, we will find out WHY you are not meeting someone. We will CHANGE what you do to meet someone – or what you are not doing. I offer practical advice, coaching, support and maintenance. From dating to meeting someone, to getting together with them and then keeping that relationship going, I will be with you every step of the way….together we will work out YOU in order to meet the right person and find love and happiness.

There really is someone out there for everyone. And I can help you find them.

We look at the SINGLE system –

S is for Support – the support I will provide as we navigates through the difficult but exciting world of dating

I – intimacy – true long lasting intimate relationships are out there for you. I will help you find them and understand what Intimacy really is

N is for numbers. Yes, it’s true. Dating really is a numbers game but together we will work out the algorithm that really works for you and gets you meeting the sort of people you really want to meet

G is for going for it. No one is going to meet anyone if they stay inside and sit on their sofa. I will help you gain confidence and skills in order to really get involved with an active life and love life

L is for Love – of course it is but not just love from others but love, kindness and compassion towards ourselves, others, our environment and our spiritual world

E is for end game. I will help you focus on what outcomes you desire. It is so helpful to know where you want to be and what you want a relationship to look and feel like.

Contact me NOW and let’s get started!