Love MOT

Couples often come to me saying they feel they are doing pretty well. They are good partners. They lives are going well. But something is missing.

Maybe they are going along separate paths. Maybe they feel a bit disconnected. Maybe they want a bit more in their lives and their relationships. Some couples come to me before they get married just to check out if they are doing the right thing.

They are not in crisis. They just want a bit more support. They want to go from OK to wonderful, from ‘we get on well’ to ‘we have passion for each other.’ This is when you need a Love MOT.

My Love MOT helps retune the relationship.

There’s nothing ostensibly ‘wrong’ it just doesn’t feel as good as it could feel. Often couples come t see me before they get married. They do a couple of sessions and we look at their feelings hopes and expectations. I work on helping them tease out some difficult issues – sex, money, in-laws, whether to have children or not, expectations of their relationship. I often feel it is healthier for couples for come in to counselling BEFORE they hit a crisis.

Love MOT is also something many of my couples use once they have ended their block of couples counselling sessions and they feel their relationship is back on track. They come for a tune up, just to make sure the engine of their relationship is running as smoothly and as efficiently as it can be.
The Love MOT is a useful top up tool and technique. I see people either for a few sessions or a one-off, whatever suits.

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