Let’s talk about sex

Intimacy has to involve some sort of physical relationship whether it’s touch or fully blown wham-bam-than-you-ma’am sex.

We thrive on touch and we need the sensation of being physically close to our partner or someone we’ve only just met. Physical intimacy hot wires us in to connection. Yet many of us have no idea how to talk about sex or ask for what we want or even know what we want.

I am here to help guide you through those hidden corridors of lust, desire, true everlasting mind-blowing intimacy.

When I talk about sex with individuals and couples, most people get very embarrassed.

They think I am referring to full-on desire, sex that’s all about penetration and orgasms. But that’s not what I’m talking about. To get to the stage where we feel ultimately connected to our partner/lover, we need to let go of all these goals and performance related marks out of 10. I work on desire, connection, eroticism, play.

I encourage individuals to find out what they really like – from fantasies to gentle stroking, from acting out their inner worlds to sharing a bath – and then let their other person know how they like their intimate world to be. It’s so rewarding for me to get people intimately connected with themselves and others. I am here to stand alongside you coaching you gently in to really getting to know your own sexual desires in a way you have maybe never let yourself know before. And then to ask for what you need and give to your lover what they need. True intimate connection is long lasting, life lasting, deeply connected and deeply exciting.

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